Flexpool Event Creation Guide & Order Flow Process

Modified on Tue, 05 Mar 2024 at 06:41 PM

In this section, you will learn how to create a a new event from your main calendar page. We’ll be covering all of the steps and required fields in order to create that event successfully.

Event Creation Overview:

Here are the necessary steps and required fields to complete the process:

1) Select the Add Event button

2) Enter Event Name (Required Field)

3) Select Event Start/End Date & Time (Required Field)

4) Select Uniform (Required Field)

5) Select Location (Required Field)

6) Select Position & Quantity (Required Field)

7) Select Add Shift to create that shift

8) Select Submit to create the entire event

Once you have selected the submit button, the event is created and you will be taken to the single event page where you can review the event details. The event creation is now completed and you can now begin the order process, which we will walkthrough in detail below.

Order Flow Process Walkthrough:

In this section, you will learn how to begin and complete the order flow within your specific events. The video will detail the two main ways to submit orders within an event, from requesting specific agency workers to requesting a bulk order from one or multiple agencies.

Order Flow Process Overview:

Here are the necessary steps and required fields to complete the process:

1) Enter On-Site Contact Information (Required Field)

2) If parking instructions have not been added to the venue, do so at this step (Required Field)

3) Select the Open Shift button to request a specific worker from an agency

4) Select the Create an Order button to send a bulk order for this event

5) Select the agency and number of shifts to send to that agency (Required Field)

6) Select Submit Order to finalize

The order process has now been submitted and the agency will begin staffing this order. Please see the screenshots below to detail the different stages of the order. 

If the event is in the fully green state, that event is fully staffed.

If the event is in the yellow state, that event's staffing is currently in progress and is not fully confirmed yet.

If the event is in the grey state (assigned), those shifts are a placeholder and action is needed on the agency's side to either confirm that specific worker or confirm a different worker. This is for interal planning purposes only and does not notify the agency.

If the event is in the red state, that means that the agency has declined that order and you will need to request staff from a different agency. This concludes the order flow process. 

Once your event is in the green confirmed state, everything is good to go for the event to begin and the worker's to clock into their shifts. Happy Staffing!

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