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In this article, we will provide an overview of the different time and attendance options we offer, such as event manager check-in, GPS self check-In, and the tablet timeclock. Check out the videos in each section for a visual representation of what you can expect to see on


Event Manager Check-In


This method of time tracking allows you to assign one or more event managers to an event. These event managers can clock-in and clock-out the other staff at the event. They can also rate each staff member’s performance on the event on a scale of 1-5 stars.


It’s really useful if you’d like your event manager to be in control of the clock-in process, or if some of your workers don’t have smartphones and consequently can’t use the GPS Self Check-In functionality. Having your manager rate worker performance is also useful if you’d like more insight into which workers are performing well and which are performing poorly.



GPS Self Check-In


This method of time-tracking allows workers to check-in to or check-out of an event shift on their own mobile devices. The Nowsta Workers mobile app will record their GPS location to ensure they are at the event site.


GPS Self Check-In is useful for when you want workers to be responsible for checking-in and checking out of events because you don’t want to distract your event manager. Because Nowsta captures the GPS location, you can be sure that workers are actually checking in from the event, as opposed to checking in from their couch.


Tablet Timeclock


This method of time tracking allows you to set up a tablet timeclock in your facility (e.g., your kitchen, warehouse, or an exclusive venue). Workers can clock-in at the tablet without the supervision of a manager.


As the worker logs-in, the app will take a photo of the employee for verification purposes. The employee has the option of clocking in to a scheduled shift or clocking into an unscheduled shift.


The tablet timeclock is useful if you have workers who meet at your facility on a daily basis. For these workers, there is no requirement that a manager be present to check-in; they can do so themselves provided you have set up the tablet.


Worker View

To see how these time tracking methods appear from the view of the worker, watch this quick video:


 If you’d like to share resources with your workers as they learn to navigate the system, you can direct them to our worker help section on the community page.


Timesheet PDF 

In addition, for each event in Nowsta, you can generate a formatted PDF timesheet for you to print and bring to an event. It’s useful as a back-up to our other time & attendance options in case your mobile device runs out of battery or there’s no cell signal.


Time & Attendance Editor

After a shift has been completed, you’ll want to review the hours on the Time and Attendance page.


Payroll Reports


Visit the reports page and choose the one that works best for you. You can customize the report by date range, department, and a number of other categories.


Remember, only approved time entries will be included in payroll reports, so make sure you visit the Time & Attendance page to make any adjustments needed before you finalize your reports.


We’re always available to help! Please reach out to with any questions.

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