Auto-approval policy

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What is Auto-Approval?

Auto-approval is a feature built into our time-tracking system that is designed to ensure a seamless and efficient invoicing process for you and your business. With auto-approval, any timecards that have not been approved or disputed by the time your invoice is processed will automatically get approved and included in the invoice, without requiring any manual intervention.

How does it work?

Imagine this scenario: Your staff diligently logs their hours throughout the week with Nowsta’s time keeping system, but due to a hectic schedule with lots to going on, some timecards remain unreviewed by the time your invoice gets generated. With our auto-approval policy in place, you don't need to worry. Any unreviewed timecards that have not yet been approved or disputed will be automatically approved before getting integrated into your invoice along with any other timecards that have been approved.
By auto-approving the remaining timecards, we aim to save you and your accounting team time and effort in the invoice reconciliation process. This way we ensure every timecard gets captured in the invoice and the invoice is generated accurately without any need to manually track down missing timecards that need to paid.

How do I know when my timecards will get auto-approved?

When you are reviewing your timecards in the Time Tracking section, you will see the auto-approval icon in the header of each group of timecards. The icon will always be accompanied by the countdown of time remaining until all of the timecards in the grouping will be auto-approved and included in the invoice.
In the below example, all seven of the timecards found for “Ophthalmology Convention Day 2” are set to be auto-approved in 3 days, which is also when the invoice for “Ophthalmology Convention Day 2” will get generated.

This process mitigates the possibility for disputes to be raised by your staffing partners since we will never miss a timecard that has been logged. Your invoices will close out accurately and on-time, every time!

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