Nowsta Worker App FAQ

Modified on Tue, 26 Mar 2024 at 09:37 AM

New to Nowsta? Watch this video that covers the basics of navigating the Nowsta Workers app for a few moments. Below, we've listed some of the most frequently asked questions about the new Nowsta mobile app. 

App Overview

How do I get started with Nowsta? You will receive an email invitation from your employer to activate your account. You can also download the app and activate it from there.

Alternatively please navigate to the App Store for iOS users, or the Google Play Store for Android Users from your mobile device to download the Nowsta Workers App.


What if I do not have a smartphone? No problem, you can access your Nowsta account at


What if I have forgotten my password?
Learn how to reset your password here.


What if I already use Nowsta with another company? You must use the same phone number and email/password combination to log in for all companies.


How do I change my email address? 


How will I receive shift requests? You will receive a push notification on your phone. Some companies have also elected to send an additional notification by email.


Why am I not seeing anything when I log into my app? Your account may appear empty when you first log in to your Nowsta mobile app or Nowsta website. Your employer has not yet requested or scheduled you for upcoming shifts.


Why am I not getting notifications? You will need to have push notifications enabled.

Learn how to enable push notifications for iPhones here

Learn how to enable push notifications for Android phones here


I received an availability check. What is it, and how do I respond?


How can I input and edit my availability?


How do I contact my employer? The Nowsta app is one-way communication. You cannot contact your employer through the app. 


How can I see my past shifts and or earnings? This information is available in the app; however, it will not be displayed until your employer has approved your time entries. If you are missing hours, please reach out to your employer directly.


How can I access my paystubs or W2s? Nowsta does not have access to this information. You will need to contact your employer directly.


What if I am not able to work my shift? The Nowsta app is one-way communication. If you accept a shift and cannot work, you cannot change your response or contact your employer within the app. You will need to reach out to them directly.

How can I self-check-in in the Nowsta Workers app? 


I'm an event manager. How can I check in the staff working at my event?


What happens if my app is frozen?


What information is located in the inbox?
Learn more here.


How do I update my profile?

Learn how to update your profile here. 

How do I add my shift to my calendar?
Learn more here.

How can I ensure my app is always up to date?
Learn more here.

We’re always available to help! Please reach out to with any questions

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